ChronoTrack Systems™ D-Tag™


The D-Tag™ is an all-weather option that is better suited for the logistics and pace of today’s style of events. ChronoTrack Systems™ D-Tag™ is a disposable RFID tag that participants peel off the bib and place on their shoe to record their time. By creating the D-tag™, the need for chips are eliminated thus, eliminating chip assignment, cost of shipping, lost chips, secure zone for chip collection and in-accurate results due to multiple chip files.

These great benefits along with many others make ChronoTrack Systems™ pioneering technology an easy choice to use at your next event.

How to apply the D-Tag:

For more information regarding how to apply the D-Tag, see the 6 Step Instruction page:

D-Tag Instructions PDF


Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if the D-tag gets wet?

The tag is completely weatherproof and will work regardless of rain, heat, storms, humidity or other inclement conditions.

How do I make sure I have the right tag?
Each tag will be clearly marked with the bib number of the participant to whom the tag is assigned. Because the timing tags are clearly marked with the runner’s bib number, there is no need for “chip check” or “tag check” at packet pickup. The purpose of traditional chip check was to ensure that the chip given to the runner was the correct chip. Because the tags are already labeled with the runner’s bib number, there is no need to check that the tag is correctly assigned.

How do I make sure that my tag works?
Each D-tag is checked and double-checked for functionality before they are distributed to the athlete. The tag is always “on” and does not need to be activated. There will be no “tag check” or “chip check” at the EXPO.

I already own another timing chip; can I use it with the ChronoTrack system?
No. Using the disposable D-tag assigned and given to you before the race is the only method to correctly track your times. Other tags and chips are not compatible with the ChronoTrack system.

What is tag time and how is it different from gun time?
Tag time (Chip time) is recorded by an electronic tag that is attached to a runner’s shoe. Your tag records the time at which you cross the start line, the finish line and several split times in between. Tag time is often shorter than gun time because tag time begins when a runner crosses the start line while gun time starts when the gun is fired; many runners don’t cross the start line until several minutes after their official gun time has begun.

How accurate is tag time?
Tag time is the most accurate form of marathon timing available because it measures the exact time between a runner crossing the start line and the finish line. Tag time also records several important splits, providing an accurate record of a runner’s pace.

Can I leave the D-tag on my bib?
No. For optimal performance, the D-tag must be attached to the shoe in the proper manner. See video above for proper application.

Can I flatten and tuck the whole D-tag in my laces to make sure it stays?
No. This can cause damage to the D-tag and also lowers the performance of the D-tag. For optimal performance, the D-tag must be attached to the shoe in the proper manner.

Can I create a hole in the D-tag and tie it on?
No. Puncturing or cutting the D-tag can damage the tag. For optimal performance, the D-tag must be attached to the shoe in the proper manner.

Are you sure the D-tag will stay adhered throughout the race?
Yes! The D-tag has a special adhesive to ensure its durability. Alterations to the D-tag or how it is attached to the shoe are far more likely to cause additional problems that could have easily been avoided.

What if I don’t have laces?
The D-tag can also be used by attaching it to your ankle with a Velcro strap. The tag should still be formed to make a “D” shape and then attached with the Velcro.