About Us

We are saddened to announce the passing of our founder, Bill Sherry (1947-2016).  

Please visit the Bill Sherry Legacy page.

Super Race Systems has been timing, scoring, and promoting sporting events since 1978.  Founded in the suburbs of New York City, SRS has provided services to events in four different decades. 

Necessity is certainly the mother of invention.  When the running boom hit in the late ‘70s, races were growing exponentially.  Oftentimes runners were backed up waiting just to cross the finish line.  SRS adapted a multi-lane system which allowed an accurate time for each runner regardless of the size of the event.  Consequently, SRS was hired by a number of notable events in Michigan, California, Florida, New York, Iowa, and Kentucky, among others. 

An important SRS milestone occurred in 1984.  Bill Sherry, while timing a major race in Grand Rapids, Michigan, discovered a finish line volunteer by the name of Gail Haadsma.  She soon was traveling the country timing races and learning the business.  Her skills as a professional court stenographer made her the perfect candidate to be a race timer - a perfectionist who knows how to work under pressure!  To make a long story short, Bill and Gail were married in 1988.  Timing is everything! 

SRS has adapted to every change in technology throughout the years.  Our accumulated timing experience, which goes back to clipboards and stopwatches, has become a foundation for our success.  Today we have incorporated the ChronoTrack RFID timing system.  SRS also uses RunScore scoring software, an industry standard.

As a credit to our adaptability and longevity, we have been timing some of the same events around the country for over 25 years.

Today we are affiliated with the timing of the intermediate splits of the New York City Marathon as well as hundreds of events in the tri-state area of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.  We travel to other parts of the country to time races in Kentucky and the BIX 7 in Davenport, IA.  We time bike events such as Gran Fondo New York as well as stair climbs such as the MS Climb to the Top up 30 Rock and the Tunnel to Towers Stair Climb up the Freedom Tower in NYC.  We are equipped to time triathlons, duathlons, cycling races, adventure series, and swim events. 

Our founder, Bill, has completed ten marathons in his lifetime and still holds two records in track and field at his high school.  His favorite hobby was golf, which he began playing at age 12.  He won club championships at two different golf clubs and played in several golf tournaments around the country.  Gail’s favorite hobby is sailing and when not timing races she keeps up her skills as a freelance court stenographer.